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Establishment and painter - Colorfull Painting & Decorating at 314 Anchor Drive, Bay Point, CA 94565, US. On this page you will find information about the company, its opening hours of the company, telephone and address and customer testimonials.

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314 Anchor Drive, Bay Point, CA 94565
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+1 925-709-1948

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Reviews about Colorfull Painting & Decorating

  • Nancy M.
    Oct, 02 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
    I would give 4.5 stars if it allowed; but that's generally as high as I usually go...

    We had a good experience with Sonny and his crew painted the outside of our house a couple of years ago. He supervised his team closely and made sure nothing was missed. At time's he a bit gruff with his guys (in my opinion), but he is fair and it seems to work for everyone.

    I have come across a few drip marks here and there, but one really has to look to notice them, so no biggie. They were professional, clean and they worked as a team; a good crew all together.

    The cost was reasonable, but that's all subjective isn't it? :-)

    We used him again on a relatives house and the experience was consistent with the first. We'll use them again when it's time.
  • Melissa Ketelsen
    Jan, 22 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Originally I was pleased with Sunny and the way my house appeared. In July of 2014 they painted my house in San Ramon. I explained that we were putting our house on the market. Sunny showed me areas of trim that needed to be scraped or replaced. He assured me that certain work was necessary and he would make sure that at least this portion would pass inspection.

    We had our house inspected and a few small trim areas came up as needing work. Some were just trim or sand and paint. I have called the office. No return calls. I have emailed the office. No contact. I have texted and left voice mails on Sunny's personal mobile number with no response. One time I called and Sunny anwered. I requested he stop by and talk to my realtor or my husband and lets finish this up. He never showed. I have sent more texts letting him know we still need to see or speak to him and that I need to respond to my buyers. Today I had to offer my buyers a credit. Of that amount $635 could have been avoided if Sunny had completed the work he promised.

    They will not stand behind their work. No Integrity.
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Colorfull Painting & Decorating in Bay Point

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